September 2020
36 123456
Tuesday, Sep 29, 2020   
Award Winner
AWP  IRL Egirl satin 145ms (538 kills with awp)
Bowie Knife  pT Mxnster (6 kills with bowie knife)
Butterfly Knife  pshyco0909 (19 kills with butterfly knife)
Falchion Knife  Jason (9 kills with falchion)
Flip Knife  popska (8 kills with flip-knife)
Gut Knife  Chad (6 kills with gut-knife)
Huntsman Knife  JimWest Le Mortie (10 kills with tactical knife)
Karambit  Purple gang #leap pad (30 kills with karambit)
Knife  look at how maney deths you have (25 kills with knife)
Longest Kill Streak  eversince (7 kills)
Longest Play Time  nao愛 (04:38:06h hours)
M9 Bayonet  nao愛 (26 kills with m9-bayonet)
Most Damage  IRL Egirl satin 145ms (89,078 damage)
Most Deaths  ktfutt (427 deaths)
Most Headshots  IRL Egirl satin 145ms (83 headshots)
Most Improved Player  vir (232 points gained)
Most Kills  IRL Egirl satin 145ms (538 kills)
Most Suicides  Nike Air (7 suicides)
Navaja Knife  bortha™ Tenuvo (5 kills with navaja knife)
Shadow Daggers  nao愛 (9 kills with shadow daggers)
Stiletto Knife  asian fetish 7 (46 kills with stiletto knife)
Talon Knife  MqT (15 kills with talon knife)
Ursus Knife  potato (12 kills with ursus knife)